Polytechnique Montréal officially opens laboratory

November 24, 2016

Polytechnique Montréal has announced the official opening of the Laboratoire d'enseignement des systèmes intégrés en aérospatiale du Québec. The polytechnique and Concordia University have each committed to an annual contribution of $75K to run the LESIAQ, a 10,000 square-foot laboratory with a genuine integrated test bed for a Bombardier Challenger 300 business aircraft, a simulation platform, and the test cell of a Bell 427 helicopter. “Very few laboratories dedicated to teaching aerospace technologies enjoy such full-scale platforms,” said Polytechnique CEO Christophe Guy. “LESIAQ’s focus on integration is unique. For Polytechnique, whose leadership in Québec in matters pertaining to training and research in aerospace engineering is widely recognized, this lab is yet another asset.” Polytechnique