About Indigenous Top Ten


Academica's Indigenous Top Ten (ITT) is a free biweekly publication designed to share breaking news, interesting research, best practices, and policy developments regarding First Nations, Métis, and Inuit education in Canada — from elementary and secondary through postsecondary and careers. Our subscribers include educators and school administrators at all levels, government employees, postsecondary students, and those with an interest in the sector.

The ITT was originally launched at the national Indigenous Education Summit in October 2012 as a means to connect attendees and to share news and best practices in the Indigenous education sector. The combination of an expanding Indigenous youth demographic, the recent conclusion of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission and the release of its final report, changes in federal government policy, and a growing awareness of the value and importance of improving Indigenous education has led to a surge in programs, funding, and initiatives designed to benefit Indigenous learners of all stages. The ITT works to share news and experiences within the sector with those interested in, and working in, Indigenous education.

Our staff search hundreds of news sources and select the ten most important stories, interesting research studies, policy developments, or thought-provoking promising practices affecting Indigenous education from coast to coast to coast.

Below are some of the areas we cover in the ITT (in no particular order):

  1. K–12 efforts to improve Indigenous students’ educational outcomes (ex: test scores, literacy, graduation rates)
  2. Government policy regarding Indigenous education (ie: updates, new legislation)
  3. Reports/studies on Indigenous education
  4. Donations/financial support for Indigenous education
  5. PSE institutions’ efforts to recruit and retain Indigenous students
  6. Enrolment/graduation rates for Indigenous students at all levels
  7. Best practices for Indigenous education/support
  8. Support services and dedicated spaces for Indigenous students
  9. Indigenous language training and revitalization
  10. State of on-reserve education
  11. Infrastructure developments on and off reserve
  12. New websites, resources, technology developments for Indigenous students/educators
  13. Student-led initiatives/projects that deal with education, reconciliation
  14. Coverage/developments involving the Truth and Reconciliation Commission, the calls to action made in the final report, or the National Centre for Truth and Reconciliation

In each edition we try to provide balanced coverage of PSE and K–12 stories and also try to provide as much regional representation as possible, doing our best to include stories from across Canada's provinces and territories. There are times in the news cycle when we receive an abundance of potential stories and there are times when quality news is less available; our guidelines can be tightened or loosened during these times to ensure we are getting you the information you want.  

Every other week, you’ll receive a single email containing short summaries of the top ten stories with links to the original sources. We hope you find it useful, and invite your comments, suggestions, and contributions of story ideas too — please don't hesitate to send them to us at fnmi [at] academicagroup.com.

To have your career opportunity featured in the Selected Opportunities section of the Indigenous Top Ten please email careers [at] academicagroup.com for more information.