Garnering student feedback on new advertising (SLC)

Before investing in a substantial advertising campaign, St. Lawrence College wanted to be sure their creative would resonate with the target audience. We used our StudentVu platform to build a panel that fit the target demographic and collect feedback on the advertising campaign.

Academica delivered a top-line report along with heat maps that highlighted areas that students felt were appealing, confusing and unnecessary for each concept. The survey questions and target group were designed in close consultation with the St. Lawrence team to ensure that the feedback was relevant and representative of their desired audience for the campaign. The first round results were incorporated into three new concepts, which went through the testing process a second time. This iterative, data-backed process gave the SLC creative confidence in their approach and execution, ultimately improving the outcome of their campaigns.

This type of concept testing can survey for things like:

  • Appeal/Recall

  • Credibility and Relevance

  • Perception of institution and brand

  • Likelihood of taking action

We’ve also done work like this for:

  • Higher Education Quality Council of Ontario (HEQCO) to obtain feedback from Ontario students and parents on a new guidebook aimed to provide information to students about their options after high school.
  • Humber College tested three creative concepts for the Humber College viewbook, both the covers and the first pages.
“Academica consistently provides thoughtful research plans to reach our core audience through effective online panels using interactive tools. Academica provides great insight into our often difficult to reach target market.”
Kelly Wiley, Director
Marketing & Communications
St. Lawrence College

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