Informing recruitment tactics with annual applicant data (UWaterloo)

For over a decade, we have conducted a series of inter-related quantitative market studies for the University of Waterloo. With the fresh context provided, the University of Waterloo has based many strategic, capital and recruitment decisions on market intelligence from Academica Group’s research.

Results from the University/College Applicant Survey (UCAS) and the Applicant Declined Study (ADS) helped establish uWaterloo’s guaranteed residence policies, and refine and target scholarship strategies. Data from Academica’s Incoming Student Survey helped uWaterloo understand what converts second-choice applicants into enrolled students. Insights from all three studies on both domestic and international students have helped refine marketing messages and materials, both digitally and with traditional media.

The context of year-over-year research data helps uWaterloo make confident, evidence-based recruiting decisions and continues to help position them strongly for the future.

Our Work

  • Enabled a case for expansion of residences

  • Created a financial aid guarantee

  • Enhanced entrance scholarships

  • Increased enrolment
"Our suite of annual Academica surveys provide critical guidance for strategy development, resource allocation and message development - all tailored to our specific needs."
Tina Roberts
Director, Undergraduate Recruitment
University of Waterloo

Our Responsibilities

The University / College Applicant Survey (UCAS) measures the perceptions of uWaterloo applicants regarding institutional reputations, strengths and weaknesses, impact and effectiveness of marketing efforts, and motivational psychographics.

The Applicant Declined Study (ADS) follows up with applicants accepted by the university, but who decline the offer, to investigate key decision factors ranging from scholarships and tuition costs to residence, campus tours, or registrarial communications.

The Incoming Student Survey measures attitudes and perceptions of matriculating first-year undergraduates, to gather information valuable in establishing institutional priorities and strategies. Analysis particularly focused on what converted second-choice uWaterloo applicants into enrolled uWaterloo students.

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