Measuring the Benefits of After-School Music Education

In 2012, Academica Group was approached to conduct a pro bono evaluation of the El Sistema Aeolian program’s pilot year of operation, and we were thrilled to take on this worthwhile project. El Sistema is a free, after-school intensive music program for children and youth, which has been recognized worldwide by organizations such as UNESCO and TED. Our evaluation used a participatory approach to involve Aeolian Hall staff and board members in developing the evaluation questions and collecting the data. Through interviews, focus groups, and direct observation, we learned that the program provides multiple benefits on a variety of levels.

El Sistema Aeolian participants benefited from:

  • Significant musical skill development
  • Increased self-confidence and self esteem
  • Improved self-efficacy and self-control
  • Better social awareness and social interaction skills
  • Leadership development

Families benefited from:

  • Strengthened family relationships
  • Greater sense of community belonging
  • Expanded family interests

The community benefited from:

  • Increased awareness of local assets
  • Greater community access to arts activities

We are proud to be able to support El Sistema Aeolian and contribute to the continued viability of this important community endeavour. 

“Working with Academica Group has been an enlightening process for our team, opening up many areas we did not initially consider, but that are vital to the project. I highly recommend this company and their gifted team.”
Clark Bryan
Executive Director
El Sistema Aeolian

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