Elementary school responds by bringing in elder in response to bullying

April 6, 2022
After Tyburious Saddleback, a Grade 2 student at Ponoka Elementary School, was bullied for having his long hair in braids and expressed his desire to cut his hair, staff took action by having Montana First Nation elder Sheila Potts speak to his class. Potts spoke to the class about the significance that long hair and braids has in their culture. “In my teaching it’s because it’s family unity and you’re intertwining your family together,” said Potts. “I told them that our ancestors had long, beautiful hair.

ULethbridge signs on as supporter of the Buffalo Treaty

March 22, 2023
The University of Lethbridge has signed on to the Buffalo Treaty of Cooperation Revival and Restoration as a supporter and is reportedly the first postsecondary institution to do so. The Buffalo Treaty preserves culture and ecosystems by allowing bison to move freely across the Canada-US border and restoring the cultural connections between Indigenous peoples and bison. As a supporter of the treaty, ULethbridge will perpetuate all buffalo-related aspects of Indigenous culture, including customs, practices, beliefs, and ceremonies.

Judge dismisses motion from NV to have discrimination lawsuit thrown out

March 8, 2023
A Nunavut judge has rejected a request from the Government of Nunavut to dismiss a lawsuit that charges that NV’s education system discriminates against Inuit students. Nunavut Tunngavik Inc claimed in a 2021 lawsuit that the territory was discriminating against Inuit children by not providing an education in their language. NV filed a motion to dismiss the lawsuit in April 2022, but the motion was rejected by Court Justice Paul Bychok. NV now has 30 days to file a statement of defense.

Schools celebrate Saskatchewan Aboriginal Storytelling Month with speakers, events

February 22, 2023
The Government of Saskatchewan has officially marked February 2023 as Saskatchewan Aboriginal Storytelling Month. The Library Services for Saskatchewan Aboriginal Peoples, Inc has been hosting the project for 20 years, and it will continue to be recognized by schools hosting events and inviting speakers to share Indigenous culture with students. Connected North educator Jasmyn Albert shared that learning stories told to her by her grandmother influenced her decision to become a teacher: “I was taught that as long as we share our stories, they stay alive.

TDSB votes to replace Grade 11 English course with course highlighting Indigenous voices

February 8, 2023
The Toronto District School Board (TDSB) recently voted to replace the compulsory Grade 11 English course with a course titled Contemporary First Nations, Métis, and Inuit Voices. The course is designed to focus on the literary, oral, media, and cultural texts of First Nations, Métis, and Inuit peoples while also preparing students for the Grade 12 English course.

Indigenous high school receives $2.9M from federal government for retrofits

January 25, 2023
Inner City High School, an Indigenous high school in Edmonton, has received $2.9M in federal funding to retrofit its building. Inner City will use the funds to increase the building’s sustainability through energy-efficient renovations such as improving glazing, using alternative energy sources, and increasing the building’s climate resilience; as well as making accessibility improvements and introducing English and Cree signage. The federal release explains that the retrofits will lead to cost savings that will be directed back into supporting students at the school.

School boards celebrate First National Ribbon Skirt Day

January 11, 2023
The first National Ribbon Skirt Day was held on January 4th, and several schools marked the day in-person and online to recognize Indigenous traditions and celebrate those wearing ribbon skirts. The day responds to an incident in 2020 in which 10-year-old Isabella Kulak was shamed at her school for wearing a ribbon skirt. Divisions such as Good Spirit School Division, the Sun West School Division, and Regina Public Schools recognized the day and showed their support.

NAN, Canada sign NAN-Canada Education Reset Table Agreement

December 14, 2022
The Nishnawbe Aski Nation (NAN) and the Government of Canada have signed the NAN-Canada Education Reset Table Agreement. Under this agreement, NAN and Canada will continue to support the NAN education systems in providing safe, culturally appropriate, and high-quality education services that are sensitive to the circumstances, strengths and challenges of each community. The agreement also establishes the NAN-Canada Education Reset Table, which will develop a policy and funding framework that will enable NAN First Nations to have more control over their education systems.

Canada, NBES, KWLIS announce funds, resources to support language learning, literacy

November 30, 2022
Several organizations and governments have announced new funds and supports for Indigenous language learning and literacy. The Government of Canada announced $39.4M to support the preservation and revitalization of Indigenous languages in the territories. "Our vision is to have schools talking in our language, all the way from kindergarten to graduation,” said Dettah chief Edward Sangris, who added that he anticipates the funds to be put toward Willideh language programming in the Yellowknives Dene First Nation community's school.

NCTR receives $28M for work with historical records, initiatives

November 16, 2022
The National Centre for Truth and Reconciliation (NCTR), which is housed at the University of Manitoba, will be receiving $28M in new funding from the Government of Canada over five years. The funding will support the NCTR’s work collecting, reviewing, and making available historical records, survivor statements, and sacred items; efforts to locate and memorialize missing children and unmarked burials; and initiatives such as the National Advisory Committee on Missing Children and Unmarked Burials.