“It’s full circle”: TDSB schools pay daily tribute to Indigenous lands

October 5, 2016

All 588 schools across the Toronto District School Board have amended their daily announcements to include an acknowledgement of the Indigenous lands on which they are built, reports CBC. “If people don't really recognize them, and know what's going on, they're going to feel they're not a part of the country, and a part of the school, and they're different,” says student Almira Elnour. “I think more people should be aware of what's happening with the Aboriginal people.” TDSB first began acknowledging traditional lands at its meetings in 2015, and this past May, the board’s Aboriginal Community Advisory Committee suggested doing so at each school. “From a time when I was in school, when I was growing up and denied any access to my own culture, language, traditions and so on,” said Community elder and committee member Duke Redbird, “70 years later, to see it being introduced and little ones so proud of their heritage ... it's full circle.” CBC | Globe and Mail