“It opened my eyes”: Inuit play helps participants understand their culture

March 21, 2018

Nunavut students in Ottawa have put on a play called the Inuit Story that focuses on select moments and events in Inuit history, such as residential schools, re-location and the dog slaughter. “It is an important story for other Canadians to know,” said Larissa MacDonald, an instructor at the school who is helping with the production. “We see our students just lift with pride as they become ambassadors for Inuit, and advocate for Inuit. It also shows a hope for the future.” Justin Milton, a second-year student from Pond Inlet, Nunavut, said that the play helped him to better understand his past and his culture, and that he hopes to spread awareness of the story among people in Ottawa. “Giving them an awareness of our history will give them a better understanding about why we face barriers with housing and alcoholism,” said Milton. “It's really powerful.” CBC