“Oasis of Inuit Culture” threatened by high school’s potential closure

March 8, 2017

A classroom at Rideau High School that has been described as “an oasis of Inuit culture” is threatened by the school’s potential closure. Rideau has more Inuit students than any other Ottawa high school, reports CBC, and Inuktitut language teacher Ooloosie Taukie says that the school’s Inuit Cultural Club provides them a space to be themselves. “I like to talk to other Inuks and learn more about my culture and try to learn my language again,” explains student Emily Qitsualik. "When I was growing up, I learned it, but I lost touch of it. It's a part of our culture that we try to keep alive.” There are concerns about the future of the Inuit Culture Club and its students with Rideau due to close at the end of the 2016-2017 school year. “We fear that they will drop out,” explained Ottawa Inuit Children's Centre student support coordinator Kayla Power, who expressed hope that a similar initiative would be introduced at the students’ new school. CBC