“When will the future of Indigenous people be worth investing in?”: Opinion

November 27, 2019

“For all the talk of reconciliation, in my opinion, there is a lot to be desired,” writes Celeste Bird of the Public School system. The author recounts moving to Regina from the Ahtahkakoop Cree Nation at the age of six and finding a lack of Indigenous representation and cultural support at her new school. The author goes on to describe the loss of cultural knowledge and identity that has come with not being able to learn Cree language, receive knowledge and access to traditional ceremonies, attend powwows, or create her own regalia. “I believe fewer Indigenous youth would struggle academically and drop out of school if they felt supported in a way familiar to them, in a comfortable environment,” the author concludes, adding that, “I know this all comes down to funding. It's all about the money and work it takes to actively implement these programs. To that response I say: When will the future of Indigenous people be worth investing in?” CBC (National)