AB unveils new curriculum, education community expresses concerns

April 7, 2021
The Government of Alberta has released a new draft elementary school curriculum that has received criticism from members of the education community. Everything GP reports that the draft curriculum will see students begin to learn about First Nations treaties in Grade 4 social studies, while the history of residential schools will begin in Grade 5. Cree Elder Betty Letendre, who was part of a working group of five elders tasked with reviewing the Indigenous portions of Alberta’s new K-6 curriculum, says that she cannot endorse the curriculum at this time. “The work in this curriculum has to continue,” said Elder Betty Letendre, who told Global News that the curriculum is missing pieces of Indigenous history. “The final draft of this curriculum will not be finalized until 2022,” said AB Education Minister Adriana LaGrange, “so we have lots of opportunity to hear from Albertans and hear what is important to them.” In the Northwest Territories, where the education system has used portions of AB’s K-12 curriculum and exams since the 1970s, Dene National Chief Norman Yakeleya says it is time for the territory to create its own curriculum. With children already struggling to find themselves in the education system, “it’s time that we step up and take ownership of our education,” he told CBC. CBC (AB) | Global News | Everything GP | CBC (NWT) (AB)