Aboriginal Friendship Centre of Calgary introducing Indigenous language classes

August 22, 2018

The Aboriginal Friendship Centre of Calgary will soon offer language classes in Cree, Blackfoot, and Michif for children, youth, and families. The Calgary Star explains that the centre was one of the beneficiaries of the $1M announced by the Federal Government earlier this year in support of Indigenous language revitalization programs. The centre received about $80K to develop an inaugural Indigenous language curriculum, which is co-hosted by the Calgary Public Library. “We represent 41,000 urban Indigenous peoples in Calgary: 22,000 are Métis, 17,000 are First Nations, and 440 are Inuit,” said Executive Director Shane Gauthier. “That’s how we picked the three languages. We’re in Blackfoot territory, we have Cree and then we have Michif to represent the Métis community.” Calgary Star