Aboriginal university students encourage peers to pursue higher education

February 10, 2016

Thirteen Aboriginal Canadians who have gone to university are urging others to do the same through the “Let’s Take Our Future Further” campaign sponsored by the Council of Ontario Universities. The campaign consists of a new website with profiles and video testimonials that aim to inspire Aboriginal youth to see the benefits of higher education. The initiative “will also help the public see Aboriginal [peoples] as contributing to the larger community,” said Jonathan Hamilton-Diabo, Director of Aboriginal Student Services at the University of Toronto, who added that a lack of role models, especially in STEM fields, is a key barrier to Aboriginal people pursuing higher education. “If you don’t see yourself reflected in the field, or in the curriculum, or among the teaching faculty, the likelihood of going into these fields decreases.” The new website also provides information on Ontario’s universities and a number of resources available to support Aboriginal learners. COU | Toronto Star | Nunatsiaq Online | Campaign Website