All AB secondary schools to receive new Indigenous Peoples Atlas of Canada

January 23, 2019

Every secondary school in Alberta will receive a copy of a new Canadian Geographic Indigenous Peoples Atlas of Canada. CBC reports that the resource is being touted as a comprehensive education tool written from the perspective of Indigenous Canadians. Published last year, the atlas is separated into four books, each covering a single broad topic: Truth and Reconciliation, First Nations, Inuit and Mé​tis. “I grew up in Fort Chipewyan … and I didn't learn much about [my history],” said Marlene Poitras, Alberta regional chief for the Assembly of First Nations. “It was only when I went to post-secondary and into nursing that I started learning [more]. That was very important for me to understand. In school, I didn't get that information.” The province is distributing 1,600 of the atlas sets, with a free online version available for home-school students and the general public. Charlene Bearhead, who served as the education adviser on the project, says that the Royal Canadian Geographical Society heard from more than 200 Indigenous sources to create the books. CBC | NationTalk | Star Edmonton (AB)