Apology issued after teacher mocks student for wearing traditional Haisla Nation regalia

November 17, 2021
A school district superintendent of a school district including Kitimat, BC, has apologized after a student at Mount Elizabeth Middle Secondary School was mocked by a teacher for wearing traditional Haisla Nation regalia and cedar hat. CTV News reports that the student wore traditional regalia for photo day, and that the teacher asked him “What’s up with the costume today?” in front of the class. Superintendent Janet Meyer discussed the incident with the student, his parents, and the principal, but did not reveal the name of the teacher or if he would face disciplinary action. Alex Grant, the stepfather of the student, said that an apology is not enough, but that “there is an investigation going on now, that’s all they’ll say to us about that. The matter is in their hands and it’s being taken care of.” CTV News | CMSD (BC)