The Atlantic looks to Indigenization in Canadian PSE as model for US higher ed

November 30, 2016

Canadian approaches to supporting Indigenous learners could provide the US with a model to better serve underrepresented groups in higher ed, writes Jon Marcus for The Atlantic. The author highlights the efforts of the University of Saskatchewan as potential inspiration for American schools to boost enrolment and graduation rates for these groups. uSask President Peter Stoicheff says that “a lot of these things are transferable,” referring to strategies that can also help US institutions with their own diversity initiatives. Universities Canada President Paul Davidson adds that “there is a combination of a moral imperative and an economic imperative” to better supporting Indigenous students, as doing so can help an economy by cutting the cost of social programming and improving the earning potential of Indigenous graduates. The article concludes by highlighting how states in the US could significantly benefit by fulfilling these same goals and creating more opportunities for underrepresented groups in PSE. The Atlantic