BC coding boot camp reaches out to local First Nations

January 28, 2015

A computer-coding boot camp that took place in Vancouver last weekend provided the opportunity for a number of local First Nations people to advance their tech skills. The HTML500 boot camp specifically targeted local First Nations to take part in the event, and several participants attended with the goal of using the new skills for language revitalization projects. “Geography is the biggest challenge we have as Indigenous people when it comes to revitalizing languages … Technology becomes a really big way for our people to come together in ways that we couldn’t otherwise,” said participant and Squamish Nation member Khelsilem. Jobs involving coding and tech skills can provide a number of opportunities for Indigenous peoples, especially youth. “It’s more accessible than a lot of institutional-type careers or mainstream careers. It’s creative and it’s fun,” said Denise Williams, acting Executive Director for the First Nations Technology Council. “It really speaks to who we are as First Nations people in terms of creating and developing things that can support and really inspire what the future is going to look like.” Globe and Mail