BC First Nations Languages status report finds positive progress, continued challenges

August 22, 2018

The First Peoples’ Cultural Council’s newly released Report on the Status of BC First Nations Languages 2018 has found continued challenges in revitalization efforts and threats to language vitality, but also identifies positive progress in several areas. The report highlights the efforts by institutions such as the University of Victoria and Simon Fraser University in supporting language learners, the Government of British Columbia's historic investment into language revitalization earlier this year, and the progress made on documenting languages. The report further calls on government and educational institutions to make language instruction a keystone of educational policy; build programs that work on fluency; enact language legislation; and provide adequate, stable, and ongoing funding for revitalization activities at all levels. “We are encouraged that the 2018 report points to a growth in the number of young fluent speakers and learners in the province,” writes the FPCC, “but also see areas where more is needed for First Nations communities in their language revitalization efforts.” Vernon Morning Star | FPCC