Berens River students create viral version of “Cup Song”

July 30, 2014

Students from the Berens River First Nation in Manitoba have created a viral music video that has racked up more than 50,000 hits to date. The 300 students perform a cover of the popular “Cup Song,” filmed against the backdrop of the startling contradictions of scenery on an isolated reserve, including rusted vehicles and stunning lakefront views. The performance was organized by music teacher Ken Davidson, who wanted to give students the opportunity to show off the beauty of their surroundings to a wider audience. The song, which repeats the line “you’re gonna miss me when I’m gone,” also has a deeper meaning for many of the community’s youth, as the school only goes to grade 9 and students must travel south to continue their education. The video ends with the entire school taking part in the performance. Winnipeg Free Press | Global News | YouTube Video