Brantford, Brant ON qualify for $2.5M in funding to increase Indigenous-led education in the area

January 24, 2018

The Ontario city of Brantford and County of Brant have qualified for over $2.5M in funding over three years to lead a plan that aims to increase Indigenous-led education in the area. “We have a large Indigenous population in our community and this program will allow them to build their languages and do it on their own terms,” said Brantford Councilor John Sless. The City of Brantford and a planning committee put together a three-phase plan to develop an Indigenous-centred early learning program that could be moved into a services hub led by a local Indigenous agency. “We are so grateful to be among the first off the mark to get this plan together and get it approved,” said Kathy Dickens, Brantford's director of program support and children's services. “What is key is that this is an Indigenous-led plan and a lot of agencies were involved. We made sure it came from the Indigenous population. They know best what serves their needs.” Brantford Expositor