Camosun, BCcampus build Indigenization guides for BC PSE

October 31, 2018

Camosun College and BCcampus have collaborated on the development of Pulling Together: A Guide for Indigenization of Post-Secondary Institutions. The project consists of six guides that cover foundational information and provide outlines for teachers and instructors, front-line staff and advisors, leaders and administrators, curriculum developers, and researchers. “Indigenization requires huge cultural change in an institution,” said Janice Simcoe, Camosun’s Director of Indigenous Education and Community Connections. “Post-secondary education systems were not developed and did not evolve with Indigenous students or community in mind. Indigenization challenges the assumptions that underlie what we learn in post-secondary, how we learn it, why we learn it, what we do with it. Despite it being hard work, Indigenization further humanizes our work. It results in good things for all students, and ultimately for all employees.” Camosun | BCcampus (Guides)