Carleton receives funding to enhance Aboriginal education projects

July 2, 2014

Carleton University has recently received funding to increase and enhance initiatives designed to improve the educational success of its students, and to improve Aboriginal research ethics. $150,000 in funding from The Counselling Foundation of Canada and a $31,000 donation from a private donor will enhance Carleton’s Aboriginal Enriched Support Program (AESP) by offering paid mentorship and internships for Aboriginal students. Mentors work with local Aboriginal high school students, encouraging participation in PSE and leading to better retention and graduation rates. In addition, Carleton has received $50,000 from Canada’s Secretariat for Responsible Research towards a 10-day Summer Institute on Aboriginal Research Ethics planned for summer 2015. “Positive action and change require research and we want to build an understanding of ethical best practices around the life cycle of Aboriginal research,” said Katherine Graham, Senior Advisor to the Provost. “It is important that researchers have this in their tool kits.” Carleton News Release (AESP) | Carleton News Release(ethics)