Council of Yukon First Nations considers 'Indigenous-led' school

February 8, 2017

The Council of Yukon First Nations is reportedly considering the creation of an Indigenous-led school, which would be a first for the Yukon. The consideration comes in response to low high school graduation rates among Indigenous students. The school would be equivalent to the territory’s French or Catholic schools in setting its own curriculum, and could include a boarding school according to CYFN Grand Chief Peter Johnston. “I think it's important that we have an identity, and especially when it comes to the education system and First Nation students, I think it's important that they have an option,” said Johnston, who later added that, “unfortunately the system's been failing the children. It's very important we build an environment for our First Nation children to find success.” 14 Yukon First Nations took part in a “visioning session” in Whitehorse last week to discuss the possibility. CBC