CVSD to use ancient BC settlement as outdoor history classroom

August 8, 2018

The Ye’yumnuts village near Duncan, British Columbia will become a living Indigenous history lesson as local school districts plan to use the meadow as a place-based classroom. The Cowichan Valley School District reportedly plans to develop field trips and projects with the elders of the Cowichan Tribes to bring a sense of time, place, and reality to Indigenous relations classes. “It’s a much more enabling, open-ended curriculum now which allows for place-based learning like this, which is just unbelievably authentic,” said CVSD Superintendent Rod Allen. “Kids buy into that. It’s not library work. It’s out in the community and it’s work that matters.” University of Victoria Indigenous culture anthropology Professor Brian Thom stated that the site is over 2,000 years old and that the Cowichan are estimated to have lived there for 600 years before using the area as a burial ground. 

National Post UVic