Data show participation in extracurricular activities associated with high school completion

June 3, 2015

Statistics Canada has released new data from the 2012 Aboriginal Peoples Survey that show participation by off-reserve First Nations students in extracurricular activities, such as sports or arts programs, was associated with completing high school by age 18. For instance, off-reserve First Nations males aged 18 to 24 who participated in weekly sport activities had a 68% probability of finishing high school by age 18, compared with 55% among those who reported less-than-weekly participation. First Nations females in the same age range who participated in clubs or groups on a weekly basis had a 77% probability of completing high school by age 18, compared to 58% for those who did not. The study found other factors that are associated with high school completion, including academic performance, having a mother with a high school diploma, living with at least one family member, having a sibling who had dropped out of school, and having parents or grandparents who attended a residential school. StatsCan Daily | Full Study