Dechinta Centre launches on-the-land program for high school students

September 8, 2021
The Dechinta Centre for Research and Learning will be offering an on-the-land program for high school students from Tuktoyaktuk, NWT. Dechinta, which is known for being a “bush university,” will use land-based programming to teach students university-accredited courses. Participants will receive class credit while completing three weeks of land-based learning and discussing topics such as climate change, Inuvialuit history, and more. Dechinta Executive Director Kelsey Wrightson said that they wanted programming that “really demonstrates what it means to invest in a knowledge economy that supports northern Indigenous brilliance.” Noel Cockney, Dechinta’s regional programmer for the Mackenzie Delta region, explained that the program is intended to teach youth that skills for their futures can be learned outside of the classroom, and that “education isn’t either all hard or bad as people make it seem.” CBC (NWT)