Dorintosh Central School sees success in first year of land-based education

May 16, 2018

Dorintosh Central School is piloting land-based education in the Northwest School Division in Saskatchewan, reports Meadow Lake Now. The school implemented the land-based educational model last fall, which Principal Michael Radford said is largely student-run and student-led. “The reality is, we need to see the land from a different perspective and the facts of the Treaties and embark on reconciliation,” said Radford. Students have studied science through observations of ecosystems and animals, learned mathematics through building projects, and prepared presentations on multicultural food dishes for language arts. Radford said that students have worked with Indigenous Elders and teachers in local trades, and will soon embark on teepee teaching, smudging, and tobacco protocol. “It’s kind of nice because we get to show the little kids how to do stuff,” said Grade 7 student Birch Campbell. “We get to help teach, which is kind of enjoyable.” Meadow Lake Now