ESD funds Indigenous job skills training across Canada

November 29, 2017

Employment and Social Development Canada has provided funding for job skills training in Indigenous communities across Canada. In Naughton, Sudbury, and Chelmsford, Ontario; $2.6M has been provided for a program that will provide environmental training to 50 Indigenous participants who are not enrolled in postsecondary training or education. In British Columbia, the Musqueam ‘Breaking the Barriers’ Employment Services & Support Program received $2.2M in funding to provide client assessments, essential skills training, industry certificate training, and more to 240 Indigenous participants within the Lower Mainland. In Nunavut, $8M has been provided to fund the Qikiqtani Skills and Training for Employment Partnership, which will provide work readiness and employment training to 360 Indigenous participants. “Young Indigenous people are the fastest-growing part of Canada’s population, and it benefits us all to ensure they have the skills and training they need to find good jobs,” said Minister of Employment, Workforce Development and Labour Patty Hajdu. “Breaking down barriers to employment will help grow our economy in a way that gives everyone a real and fair chance at success.”

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