FPPSE combines storytelling, filmmaking for inclusive learning

February 24, 2021
A new initiative called the First Peoples Post-secondary Storytelling Exchange is combining different forms of storytelling and filmmaking in order to create a more responsive postsecondary education for Indigenous students in Quebec. Researchers contacted more than 100 people from over 20 First Nations, Inuit, and Métis communities who shared their stories about education and learning. Participants shared information on topics such as experiences at Canadian postsecondary institutions, the Sixties Scoop, the significance of Indigenous hunting practices, and tokenism by non-Indigenous teachers in the classroom. FPPSE Principal Investigator Michelle Smith explained that the research team was seeing themes such as differences in education outcomes for Indigenous students, systemic barriers, a lack of visibility and presence of Indigenous experiences in colleges. “Students who are going into post-secondary education should not have to choose between engaging with Western knowledge systems whilst pursuing post-secondary, and learning their own culture and knowledge,” said Smith. FPPSE | The Link Newspaper | Dawson College (National)