Group calls for Aboriginal history to be taught in Quebec high schools

June 5, 2013

The organization Quebec Native Women (QNW) has issued a petition to the Quebec National Assembly asking for Aboriginal history to be included in the current revisions to high school history courses in the province. Viviane Michel, president of QNW, believes that educating Quebec youth on the history of Aboriginal relations could help to fight racism and negative stereotypes. Michel wants the history courses to be mandatory to all Quebec high school students, and suggested preparatory training for all instructors that will teach the course, in order to ensure better understanding of the issues. Political leaders backing the petition have stated that it is important for Quebecers to know their history, even if it is unflattering. QNW wants Aboriginal experts to be consulted during the revision process; however, the office of the education minister is non-committal. CJAD 800 AM | Montreal Gazette