High enrolment numbers celebrated in SK and MB

October 22, 2014

PSE institutions in Saskatchewan and Manitoba are reporting increases in Aboriginal student numbers, due to increased recruitment efforts, greater emphasis on the importance of self-declaring, demographic growth, and better efforts by institutions to track Aboriginal students. The University of Regina is reporting an increase of nearly 50% over 5 years, with a one-year increase of 6%, bringing total Aboriginal enrolment to more than 11% of the total student body. The University of Saskatchewan is reporting a 12% increase in Aboriginal enrolment, bringing the total number of Aboriginal students to nearly 2,000. Both Saskatchewan Polytechnic (formerly SIAST) and First Nations University are also reporting increases, as is the University of Winnipeg, which reports an increase in enrolment of more than 10% for first-year enrolment of Aboriginal students. Supports such as Aboriginal student centres are key to the success of Aboriginal students, and can have a positive effect on the retention, as well as the recruitment, of Aboriginal students, points out uSask Students’ Union President Max FineDay. Windspeaker | CBC |StarPhoenix | uRegina News