IAESC celebrates anniversary of IIA with new website, logo

January 9, 2019

The Indigenous Advanced Education and Skills Council has revealed a new logo and website in celebration of the first anniversary of the Indigenous Institutes Act receiving royal assent. IAESC is the independent quality assurance organization that reviews Institutes and programs for certificate, diploma, and degree-granting credentials. “We are entering 2019 with as much momentum as 2018, which saw the formation of the IAESC board and incorporation as a federal not-for-profit organization,” said IAESC Executive Director Laurie Robinson. “We are adding, stone by stone, a new layer to the foundation created over decades by Indigenous educators and advocates.” The new website includes education community partner links, a library of resource links, news stories, and a page to download an application. The IAESC has further announced that it will host a student conference in February to help shape the future of the community-driven post-secondary education and training system in Ontario. Nation Talk | Bay Today | Anishinabek News (ON)