Indigenous students get opportunity to add voice to learning experiences

January 28, 2015

School programs in Manitoba and Ontario are giving Indigenous students the opportunity to learn more about their cultures while contributing their own voices to the learning process. In ON, Grand Erie District School Board's Aboriginal Student Work Study is a program focused on reading and writing exercises that brings Indigenous knowledge and teachings into the classrooms. Students participate in talking circles, which teach patience and respect while allowing them to voice their ideas. Meanwhile in MB, students at Southeast Collegiate in Winnipeg recently participated in the DAREarts First Roots program, an initiative that uses the arts to empower youth aged 9–14 to become leaders and “ignite change” in their schools and neighbourhoods. Participating students wrote lyrics for a song that explored the many challenges faced by Indigenous students that must move south to attend school. Students learned skills including song writing, instrument playing, performing, and videography. Brantford Expositor | YouTube (Work Study video) | DAREarts News Release