Indigenous teachers underrepresented within Winnipeg schools

October 21, 2020

A new report released by the Winnipeg Indigenous Executive Circle (WIEC) shows that Indigenous teachers are underrepresented within Winnipeg schools. The State of Equity in Education Report surveyed the seven Winnipeg school divisions and found that while Indigenous students make up nearly 17% of the student population, only 8% of the teachers are Indigenous. WIEC co-chair Trevor LaForte said that “we want to work together with the school divisions to close that gap and try and get more Indigenous teachers within the schools,” but that there needs to be more Indigenous people represented in every level of education, including school trustees and school boards. Manitoba also has lower numbers of Indigenous students pursuing the field of education in postsecondary. “We need to make sure there’s increased supports but also push people to learn their languages and learn about their cultures but as well as want to teach that so [they] can pass it on,” said Cameron Adams, a student in Indigenous languages and education at the University of Winnipeg. APTN News (MB)