Institutes introduce, celebrate courses focused on Indigenous culture, languages, skills

December 15, 2021
Educational institutes across Canada are introducing and celebrating courses that support Indigenous peoples and teach Indigenous culture and skills. In the Northwest Territories, two NWT departments launched a Hunter Education course for Indigenous and non-Indigenous students that will teach them about awareness and respect, using the full animal, and traditional practices. Kenjgewin Teg and Queen’s University have partnered to offer Queen’s students the opportunity to remotely complete three courses in Indigenous studies from the Indigenous institute. SEED Winnipeg launched a money management course in Ojibway that empowers students by teaching them financial literacy. Students learn about the risks of using pawn shops and short-term lenders, and SEED Manager of Asset-Building Programs Millie Acuna said that the course doubles as reconciliation as it is taught in Ojibway. Students at O’Chiese First Nation School in Alberta participated in a fur trapping skills course which connected them to culture. Students who completed the course also gained a certificate from the Alberta Trappers Association that will allow them to sell furs commercially. Nation Talk (NWT) | CBC (O’Chiese First nation) | CBC (SEED Winnipeg) | Anishinabek News (National)