Institutions reconsider legacy of Sir John A Macdonald on-campus

July 2, 2020

Two institutions in Ontario have recently announced that they will be examining the use of Sir John A Macdonald’s name for campus buildings. At Queen’s University, students created a petition to change the name of Sir John A Macdonald Hall, which houses the law department, to Patricia Monture Hall. The proposed name would recognize Queen’s alumna and Mohawk lawyer Patricia Monture. Queen’s Faculty of Law has committed to a formal consultation process regarding the name of Sir John A Macdonald Hall, which will consider the present name and whether it should be removed. At the University of Windsor, a review began of the “appropriateness” of a student residence building named after the former prime minister. The review began after a petition began circulating calling for the building to be renamed. "Whatever you could name these buildings," said Indigenous law student David Pitawanakwat, "there's so many local heroes and local stories that you could choose to honour." Queen’s | The Whig (Queen’s) | CBC (UWindsor) (ON)