Lack of Indigenous inclusion highlighted as primary concern in NL education reform consultation

February 22, 2017

Mental health support and Indigenous issues are among the topics of concern that were raised during a public consultation on education reform this month in Happy Valley-Goose Bay, Newfoundland & Labrador. Some attendees were particularly concerned with what they deemed to be a lack of Indigenous perspective in the NL educational curriculum. “We tried to teach based on [students’] previous knowledge,” said Cathy Mitsuk, who is currently studying for her bachelor's degree in education. “If they know that a Ski-Doo travels at five kilometres an hour and gets to the cabin at this certain amount of time they can understand that concept. When they go into a … test and they have a question about a child skateboarding on a sidewalk that's made of concrete and hits a curb what time does he get to his grandmother's house, that child's not going to know what concrete or a curb is.” A second public consultation was held in Stephenville, NL on February 13th. CBC