Laurentian community calls for protection of Indigenous Studies

April 7, 2021
Faculty, Indigenous community leaders, and other members of the Indigenous education community have called on decision makers in the Laurentian University insolvency process to ensure the continuation of the Indigenous Studies program. An open letter published by CAUT points to the program’s history as one of the three founding departments of Indigenous Studies in North America and its many contributions to decolonization, Indigenous self-determination, and Indigenous sovereignty. “The termination of the Indigenous Studies program in Sudbury at Laurentian would represent a significant turning away from Laurentian University’s Tri Cultural Mandate and its commitment to the Truth and Reconciliation Commission’s Calls to Action on Indigenous Education,” assert the signatories. The Laurentian University Native Education Council has also expressed concern about the University of Sudbury’s possible step away from its mandate to offer the program. “We need to be part of that conversation. We need to have a voice there,” stated LUNEC Member Roxanne Manitowabi. “It’s the right thing to do, to be respectful and to have those conversations.” CAUT (Open Letter) | CBC (LUNEC) | The Sudbury Star (ON)