Long Lake 58 First Nation makes history with community-based curriculum

August 26, 2020
Long Lake 58 First Nation has broken new ground in First Nations education by developing an entirely new history curriculum for students. The curriculum includes lessons about their own families and community, such as the Finlayson family from the late 1800s who played a significant role in the fur trade, and includes modules and lesson plans for every grade level. In kindergarten, students will learn about family relationships, while in Grade 12, students will learn about the mining development in the region called the Ring of Fire. “My grandmother would always talk about her life,” said education director Claire Onabigon. “That really helped us. It added so much more stability to who we were and I don't think our kids have that anymore.” The curriculum was developed with education consultant Waubageshig, who co-founded Trent University’s Native Studies program, and was paid for through Long Lake 58’s regular education allocation from the federal government. Nation Talk (ON)