Loyalist unveils new A’nó:wara Learning Circle

October 21, 2020

Loyalist College has unveiled its new A’nó:wara Learning Circle, an outdoor space designed specifically to give Indigenous community members a space to promote their culture, tradition, and ceremony. “The relationship with Mother Earth is sacred, and the interconnectedness of Indigenous Peoples with the land and the natural world is a lived experience,” said Paul Latchford, Manager of Indigenous Services at Loyalist. “The A’nó:wara Learning Circle provides a safe space on campus to share Indigenous teachings and cultural ceremonies.” The Learning Circle’s design incorporates Indigenous symbols, such as the circle (the foundation of Indigenous ceremonies), the 28 stones around the turtle (the 28 days of the lunar month), and the firepit feature and 12 stones in the turtle’s shell (the 13 Grandmother Moons). “We are proud to have this representation of Indigenous knowledge and heritage on campus where it will be used for teaching outdoor classes, facilitating workshops, and holding traditional ceremonies,” said Ann Marie Vaughan, Loyalist President. Loyalist (ON)