Métis Nation BC signs agreement with Selkirk College

August 13, 2014

The Métis Nation British Columbia (MNBC) has signed an agreement with Selkirk College that will serve to increase participation and improve access to PSE for Métis learners. The Métis Learners Protocol defines the pathway for the 2 organizations to follow and outlines 5 key principles: improved inclusion of Indigenous ways of knowing and Métis interests in program and service development; meaningful consultation and collaboration with Métis learners and communities regarding improved access and success; development of defined parameters for the use of cultural and traditional knowledge within college activities; collaboration on joint funding and project proposals in order to enhance service and program delivery; and development of an evaluation framework to assess effectiveness of agreement and to implement recommendations for improvement in the future. Bruce Dumont, President of the MNBC, noted the importance of formalizing such agreements in order to provide progress updates and review results. “It helps with the success in the long run,” he said. Selkirk News