MB school powwow dancing club grows to nearly 80 students, sees community involvement

April 4, 2018

A club focused on teaching powwow dancing at the Lavallee School in the Louis Riel School Division of Winnipeg has grown to nearly 80 students. The club is open to all students, both Indigenous and non-Indigenous. “We're working hard to go beyond accepting or understanding Indigenous culture,” said Louis Riel Co-ordinator for Indigenous Education Corey Kapilik. “We want to promote Indigenous knowledge systems, and ways of knowing and being into the fabric of who we are and how we do business on a daily basis.” Teachers, community volunteers, and parents are also a part of the club. The community helps to ensure that students learn the appropriate way to dance at powwows, and the Division is providing supplies to help parents make regalia for their children. “It's very important to us that students have the opportunity to be who they are and to be celebrated for culture and what they bring to us as a community,” stated Kapilik. CBC