MNA, MN-S launches interim support plan

April 8, 2020

Métis Nation of Alberta has announced its Interim COVID-19 Support plan, which is accessible to all Métis Nation citizens in Alberta. The Nation has announced a number of Support Programs that include an emergency fund for families with children up to 12 years of age who have been impacted by school and daycare closures. MNA has also launched a coordinated effort with the Rupertsland Institute to establish a Community Emergency Support Fund, and the RLI is additionally working to provide Chromebook devices to Métis students to participate in AB K-12 virtual classrooms. In Saskatchewan, Métis Nation Saskatchewan announced $2.88M for immediate emergency COVID-19 relief measures for childcare, housing, and PPE. MN-S announced a daycare for first responders and emergency workers; and added that Gabriel Dumont Institute/Dumont Technical Institute classes will continue to be delivered remotely. Gabriel Dumont Institute Training & Employment funded clients will continue to have income support, dependent care, and other non-travel allowances; and MN-S announced that it is offering additional supports and funds to those who were required to relocate, whose programs were interrupted or altered, and whose programs are cancelled due to COVID-19. NewsWire (MNA) | Nation Talk (MN-S)