MRU, Sault celebrate new Indigenous structures on campus

February 8, 2017

In Alberta, Mount Royal University is celebrating a new Blackfoot-style tipi on campus, which was blessed last month in a traditional ceremony. “We’re enhancing our knowledge and other people’s knowledge about the tipi and our culture,” said John Fischer, director of the Iniskim Centre at MRU. “A tipi means many things, but to us, it teaches us about the strength of our people, about our relationship to our universe, and it’s a symbol of our home.” In Ontario, Sault College is celebrating the completion of the ‘Wiigwaasgamig’ Birch Bark House Sacred Fire Arbour, which was lit for the first time last week. The fire arbour is described as a welcoming place to be used for spiritual ceremonies, teachings, and community events throughout the year. “On behalf of Native Student Council, I would like to say a Chi-Miigwetch/Big Thank You to everyone involved in this process,” says Jonathan Boyer-Nolan, President of the Native Student Council at Sault. “I am very pleased and honoured to participate in the opening ceremony of the ‘Wiigwaasgamig’.” Metro News (MRU) | MRU | NationTalk (Sault)