MSS partners with New Relationship Trust for collection of Indigenous books, literary resources 

July 15, 2020

Merritt Secondary School (MSS) has a new collection of Indigenous books and literary resources thanks to a partnership with the independent non-profit, the New Relationship Trust. The New Relationship Trust seeks to support First Nations people and communities by investing in governance capacity, education, language, youth & elders, and economic development. With five bands in the surrounding areas, the Merritt Herald explains that the school has a strong Indigenous culture and population. “First Nations literature is rich and diverse,” said MSS English teacher Jenn Denton, who put forward a grant application with the organization. “The additions to our collection will provide students with greater choice and exposure. We have expanded our collection with class novel sets, literature circle sets, and singular additions to our library. These include novels, graphic novels, recipe books, historical anthologies, cultural non-fiction and more.” The school also purchased a variety of texts to support the outdoor education program.   Merritt Herald  (BC)