MUN, Nunatsiavut government announce $7.4 M partnership

November 4, 2015

Memorial University has announced that it will partner with the Nunatsiavut government on a $7.4 M, five-year project. The project’s goal is to combine academic research with traditional knowledge to preserve and promote the Labrador Inuit culture and language. Funding for the work will come from a $1.6 M contribution from the Nunatsiavut government, $1.4 M from MUN, a combined $2.1 M from 20 other organizations, and $2.3 M from Canada’s Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC). The project—titled Tradition and Transition Among the Labrador Inuit—will be led by Tom Gordon, Professor Emeritus at MUN’s School of Music. MUN | Telegram