NB introduces mandatory Indigenous curriculum as part of 10-year education plan

March 8, 2017

New Brunswick has begun to roll out part of its 10-year education plan, which includes mandatory Indigenous curriculum throughout the K-12 system. Beginning in September 2017, high school students with a First Nations background will be able to take advanced Mi’kmaq and Wolasoquey language courses. Indigenous content that will be mandatory for all K-12 students, including new Indigenous content modules in Grade 8 and 9 social studies and history courses, is still under development. “The goal of the department is to ensure that First Nation realities, experiences and contributions to Canadian society are embedded throughout the K-12 educational system, not just in one class,” wrote Kelly Cormier, spokesperson for the NB Department of Education and Early Childhood Development. Charlene Bearhead, education lead at the National Centre for Truth and Reconciliation, noted that many NB teachers do not have enough experience or knowledge related to First Nations issues, and stated that teachers in NB will need to better educate themselves in order to build and improve relationships with First Nations. CBC