Need to take the “long view” when it comes to Indigenous education

October 22, 2014

In a recent submission to Academic Matters, Indigenous teacher-education pioneer lolehawk Laura Buker writes that it is imperative that PSE institutions “take the long view” on Indigenous education, reflecting and engaging in dialogue on the future rather than the present. Buker notes that many PSE programs, and specifically teacher-education programs, have begun to include more Indigenous ways of knowing and perspectives, but she asserts, “a renewed commitment from our universities to move Indigenous education goals and programs forward is necessary as we move into the next decade.” Buker points to 4 areas that can help renew Aboriginal education goals: change, respect for Indigenous knowledge, opening doors for community partnership, and recognition of the new storytellers. “The long view towards Indigenous Education is that change takes time to gain momentum, to get the wheels in motion, and to keep going forward. This is not the moment in history to reduce funding for the aspects of Indigenous education that are necessary for growth and capacity building,” says Buker. Academic Matters