New YK First Nations education directorate promotes student success

October 21, 2020

The Yukon First Nations Education Directorate, a newly formed organization replacing the Council of Yukon First Nations’ education department, has launched a number of new programs meant to provide educational empowerment to children in Whitehorse. One such program was a trip to Helen’s Fish Camp where Indigenous and non-Indigenous students participated in traditional activities such as drumming, sports, medicine making and storytelling. Elder Chuck Hume noted that using the fish camp as a learning environment is important for teaching the next generation. “Somewhere down the road you have to learn the life that we lived, where our stories come from, why we’re so close to looking after our countries,” he said. Melanie Bennett, the directorate’s Executive Director, said the programs are a necessary step towards self-reliance and autonomy. “First Nations have had our own ways of knowing and doing for a millennia, and it was lost for a number of reasons throughout history. We’re reclaiming that.” APTN News (YK)