New Kwak’wala language immersion program launching at SD72 school on Vancouver Island

March 6, 2019

School District 72 has approved the launch of a pilot Kwak’wala language immersion program at Ripple Rock Elementary School in Campbell River, BC. Starting in September, kindergarten students will be immersed in the Kwak’wala language. “We thought about how our French immersion program actually began — by parents coming forward and saying could this happen — and so we just took that example and we went to the [school] board,” said Assistant Superintendent Nevenka Fair. “The community has been dreaming of this for years and years and it's about time that we're taking this on.” Fair stated that both Indigenous and non-Indigenous families attended the consultations and supported the idea of the program, and that there is a hope that a mixture of students will register for the class. CBC (BC)